Volunteer Testimonies

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Avryl Evans has been involved with Heart of Ruth right from the very beginning. Rebecca and Avryl met in high school but then reunited at their work, Christian Horizons. Rebecca told Avryl about Kenya and Rainbow House and the two teamed up with Kristi, Erin and Krysta to form Heart of Ruth Mission. Since 2013 Avryl has been to Kenya twice and plans to go back in the future. From the beginning, Avryl has helped Heart of Ruth a tremendous amount with her marketing and managerial skills. Avryl took some time in 2014 to focus on finishing her Commerce degree from Laurentian University and now is currently working at Hard-Line as a Marketing Researcher. We thank Avryl for all she has done with Heart of Ruth Mission!

During my time in Africa, I volunteered at Rainbow House Children’s Home, Gede Health Center, Gede Ruins Monkey Conservation, Same World Same Chance Boarding School and much more. I backpacked through many countries in Africa and I got to see stunning beaches, hundreds of animals, beautiful and friendly people, poverty, politics, and villages with the most togetherness and community I have ever seen. I immensely improved my resume as I was able to volunteer in so many different fields. I gained awareness of the world, stepped outside of my comfort zone, and I learned my own self-worth. I learned to follow my dreams and to how use my talents as any skill, not just doctors and nurses, can help people. Without going abroad I don’t know where I would be today, but thanks to my experience in Africa, and with Heart of Ruth Mission, I now know who I am, what I care about, and how I can use my skills to make a difference. The only piece of advice I can give to people who are thinking about going on trip like I did is just do it!

Avryl Evans

Ashlea Walker has also been involved with Heart of Ruth Mission from the beginning! Ashlea met Kristi and Rebecca in Kenya during the 2012 volunteer trip. She has been to Kenya now four times and although she is currently in Thailand teaching English, Ashlea still has a piece of her heart in Kenya and will continue to visit. Ashlea went on to creating her own organization called Volunteer in Africa as she is from England but continues to help self-sustainability projects at Rainbow House Children’s Home.

It’s hard to put into words what Kenya and Rainbow house means to me. I first went to Rainbow in 2012 where I met Rebecca, Kristi, Pamela and 38 other amazing volunteers over my 10 weeks there. The children and their raw happiness, energy and zest for life absolutely blew me away and I will be forever grateful to them and all of the amazing staff (in particular our crazy Kazungu) for changing my life on so many different levels. It’s difficult to articulate in words the love that we all have for these children. No matter how old and how tall they get we still call them our babies, much to their dismay! We have watched them grow and develop from our tiny little kids to the beautiful grown ups they are starting to become and there is no greater feeling than that. I am immensely proud of Heart Of Ruth and what together we all manage to achieve. And I urge everyone who wants to feel the happiness that we all feel daily – to volunteer their time to get to know our children and become part of our Rainbow family xxx

Ashlea Walker

Pamela Beck is from Scotland and has been to Kenya twice since 2012. She first went to Kenya in 2012 and met Kristi and Rebecca. Pamela came back to Kenya in 2014 and spent time volunteering with Heart of Ruth Mission. She is also a part of our sponsorship program and sponsors Uchi from Rainbow House Children’s Home. We cannot wait to have Pamela back in Kenya with us.

I had a really amazing experience with heart of Ruth in Kenya. The work they do with rainbow house orphanage is just incredible! I got to meet all the beautiful kids and learn about their schooling and living environment. The staff and kids are so welcoming you feel at home the minute you walk in. During my time Heart of Ruth did some great activities with the kids such as making shoes with them, holding a Canada day party which served as both education and entertainment and provided them with toys and extra food. They also bought charge-up lights so the children could sing and dance right into the evening. The kids have so much energy and really appreciate volunteers spending time with them.

I fell in love with all the children and decided to personally sponsor one of them to attend school next year. I couldn’t recommend and praise Heart of Ruth more and would encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch with them smile emoticon

Pamela Beck

Martina Baron came to Kenya in 2012 when it was both her’s and Rebecca’s first time, Kristi’s second. Martina has supported fundraisers from Heart of Ruth since her trip and plans to come back to Kenya when time allows it. We cannot wait to have Martina join our trip again!

While sitting in my room one day I saw a status on Facebook that I will never forget, “going to Kenya this summer, who’s in?” From a girl named Rebecca who I had just met in my first year of nursing. That’s how it all started. I ended up flying across the world with Rebecca, a girl I barely knew, and Kristi, I girl I didn’t know from a hole in the wall. Little did I know it would be one of the best, most eye opening times of my life. Being in nursing I had started volunteering at the Gede clinic, but after hearing all the stories about Rainbow house I thought I’d check that out too. The children stole my heart. Since then I have volunteered in two other countries, although at some point I would love to return to the place where it all started. Can’t wait to go back with Heart of Ruth!

Martina Baron


We met Emma Holmes, from Wales, in Kenya for the first time during 2014. Emma volunteered mostly with the animals as she specializes in Zoology. It was great fun getting to know her and we cannot wait to steal Emma from her UK volunteering to come back and volunteer in Kenya with us!

Watamu, Kenya. The community is vibrant, the scenery breathtaking and the people are some of the most warm-hearted and well natured people you will ever hope to meet. Whilst visiting Watamu I visited some beautiful places and aided in wild monkey conservation research in Gede Ruins. As a recent Zoology university graduate, this gave me valuable work experience, not to mention great fun. All that was requested from me was a donation to the conservation of the forest; a small price to pay for an amazing experience. To say Watamu and volunteering with Heart of Ruth is a once in a lifetime opportunity is a lie, the friends you make, the memories you create and the drive you have to return allows it to become part of your life. To say I will never forget is an understatement; Watamu has taken a piece of my heart.

Emma Holmes