Endless Volunteer Opportunities in Kenya

There are many volunteer opportunities available to you in the general area of Gede, Kenya. Whether you like health care, teaching, social work, building homes/other buildings, or even working with animals, the volunteer opportunities are endless through Heart of Ruth Mission!

We will organize your customized volunteer opportunities, accommodations, assist with flight selection, and get you connected with local trust worthy friends who are happy to drive you from place to place. If you’re interested in a day safari, an overnight safari or a multi-day safari, we can arrange that for you also! Booking your volunteer trip with the help of Heart of Ruth Mission will be stress free and guaranteed to be a life changing experience!

Heart of Ruth requires that volunteers commit to volunteering Monday-Friday, with weekends off to explore the town or relax on the beach. Consistency in volunteering is very important to build a good relationship with the children you will be supporting. If you wish to do a half day at Gede Health Center, and a half day at Rainbow House Children’s Home that is also fine, as long as you remain consistent. Volunteer times typically run from 0900-1200 (locals usually take a 2 hour lunch break) then 1400-1600 or beyond. Volunteers are more than welcome, and encouraged, to stay at Rainbow House or other organizations past these times. Rainbow House also invites volunteers to spend a fun Saturday with them, and they invite you to attend church with them on Sundays. Neither is required, but encouraged.