Bringing Hope

Heart of Ruth Mission is a hands on loving organization providing educational opportunities and financial support to facilitate growth and self-sustainability at Rainbow House Children’s Home.


A Little About Heart of Ruth Mission

Heart of Ruth Mission was officially established by Rebecca Dallaire in August of 2012. The need for help in the community of Gede, Kenya was first noticed by board members and co-founder Kristi Haddad during her volunteer trip in March of 2012.  Kristi was first introduced to missions in Kenya during a school trip with St. Lawerence College. Rebecca and Kristi went to Kenya for the month of June 2012 and shortly after returning established Heart of Ruth.

The women of Heart of Ruth Mission are all connected by their love for the children at Rainbow House Children’s Home. Since 2012 they have had multiple people from all over the world join the organization to volunteer and fundraise for self-sustainability projects. From the beginning of our fundraising efforts we have raised over $70,000 and have supported multiple projects and education opportunities. 

Heart of Ruth is based in Canada, with members throughout Ontario. Check out our “members of the board” page to see each woman’s profile. 

Partnership with Devxchange International

In 2017 Heart of Ruth Mission became a project with Devxchange International. Devxchange exists to help groups like Heart of Ruth, who are not registered charities, have charitable status in Canada. #HelpingPeople is the Devxchange motto. Devxchange is a development exchange for change.

Devxchange is a global movement that facilitates the linking of Canadian volunteers with humanitarian initiatives, like Heart of Ruth Mission, all around the world. We provide capacity building to these volunteers and tax receipts for their donors. To date, Devxchange has 75 projects in 27 different countries. Heart of Ruth Mission is thankful for the partnership for many reasons; Devxchange provides mentorship to lead members, helps find opportunities for growth, and most importantly for our donors, provides tax deductible receipts. With this organization, Heart of Ruth is also able to make child sponsorship much easier! Devxchange International allows donors to set up monthly donations, making child sponsorship easier in the way that the full years tuition is not due all at once. Simply follow the steps, and sign up to have $45 taken out of your bank account each month. This creates hassle free donations! Click on our “donate” button on the top right of this website for more details.

Current Goals

Our Main Goal: Build a Transition House for our children who turn 18 

According to Kenyan law, any child who lives in a Children’s Home must leave when they turn 18. At 18 years old children get their National ID and are no longer considered children. At this age most students have not completed high school and cannot stand on their own two feet. The children’s previous lives were full of hurt, instability and destitution. At Rainbow House many of them experienced what love and a stable family meant for the very first time. Heart of Ruth Mission wants to continue that stability by building a safe haven for them to transition into adulthood. This home is being built on land next to Rainbow House and the young adults will live there until their secondary/ post-secondary education is complete and they are in a position where they can provide for themselves. Heart of Ruth Mission has a goal of stopping the cycle of poverty one child at a time, and building this house is essential to meeting this very important goal. Without this home the children are forced to either go back to “families” (often an elderly aunt or uncle, maybe a destitute grand parent) or on the streets, and the cycle of poverty never really stops. Let’s stand together and create a home for the children turning 18 in the near future.