Thank you to Rhubarb Media and Pastor Pixel!

Without the hard work from these teams Heart of Ruth Mission would not have this amazing website! We are so happy to be a part of their #giveback program!

Heart of Ruth Mission was first brought to Rhubarb Media and Pastor Pixel by Rebecca’s (founder of Heart of Ruth) friend Dan Hotchkiss. He wanted to help bring Heart of Ruth to a new level and to do that, we certainly needed a website. Dan met with Chad Ballantyne (director of Rhubarb Media/Pastor Pixel) and together they decided to take us on as a part of their #giveback program. Chad, Dan and Alma teamed together to create an informative and creative website that will truly bring Heart of Ruth to the next level. Rhubarb Media and Pastor Pixel also created a new logo and branding for Heart of Ruth!

Our legacy may very well be great logos, marketing design and websites, but when/if our company no longer exists, we know that what truly lasts is the hope, strength and care we offered to those in need through the social and cultural organizations we supported – Rhubarb Media

Their Community Give Back program has helped over 40 local organizations and given over $200k of services back to the community. We are so blessed to be a part of this!

Heart of Ruth Mission appreciates all of your hard work and dedication to making our organization shine! Thank you to this amazing team!

– Rebecca