Health Care Volunteer Opportunities in Kenya

Volunteers interested in health care have the option to spend time at many clinics in the local Gede, Kenya area. The main clinic that we send most volunteers is the Gede Health Center.

Volunteer opportunities include:

HIV/Aids Outreach

Going out with a team into the community, testing individual’s blood for HIV

Assisting in deliveries

Comforting mothers in labour, hands on experience with childbirth and assessing baby once born (weight, administering HIV medication if needed, cleaning up and suctioning if needed)

Assessing pregnant mothers

Taking blood pressures, weighing, assessing fetal heart beats, and administering malaria medication

Family planning clinics

Administering birth control injections

Outpatient clinic

Assist in administering medications, wound care, assessments


Count and bag medications (usually for malaria, or antibiotics)


Organize the folders for the HIV/AIDs clinic by putting the files in order by number in filing cabinets