Bringing Hope

Heart of Ruth Mission is a hands-on, loving organization providing education sponsorships to students who grew up at Rainbow House Children’s Home. Breaking the chain of poverty by providing College and University education opportunities in Kenya.    

Child Private School Sponsorship Program

Give the Gift of Education

Educational sponsorships are the key to making the greatest impact in the community.

So often we are provided with toys, candy and goods that if translated to money for essential services would really create an impression on the lives of these children. Education provides these children with the opportunities to create a ripple effect of change within their community and Heart of Ruth places immense effort in determining the ideal candidate for each sponsorship.

For under $50 dollars a month, which is less than your daily coffee, buying a dinner for two or purchasing a sweater, you are able to directly impact a child’s life.

We have specifically chosen Rainbow House because these children have touched our hearts as they are full of love and kindness in the face of adversity. (For those who have volunteered with us they can directly attest to the wonderful relationship you develop with the children of Rainbow).

 An educated child has the opportunity to permeate many skill sets into their family unit, i.e. development of English language, mathematics, etc. Furthermore individuals fluent in English are more likely to obtain gainful employment in an economy that relies predominantly on tourism. Heart of Ruth Mission has connected many students to individual sponsors and has sponsored many others with our fundraising efforts. In 2012 HoRM had 8 children, shown in the photo above, in our Child Sponsorship Program. Now, in 2022 we have over 30 children sponsored. These include some of the first sponsored children that are in University for Bachelors of Nursing, Education, Electrical Engineering and Social Work. This would not be possible if it were not for individual people, coworkers, friends and family coming together to support education in Kenya. It is remarkable to see first hand what this opportunity has given the students. 

Your donations are greatly appreciated and focus on purchasing essential items such as textbooks, uniforms, school shoes and paying for tuition, exam fees, etc. 

Our skilled team at Heart of Ruth want to make sure that your desire to help is going to do the greatest amount of good possible and our hands on approach involves zero overhead costs ensuring your money goes from your pocket directly to the purchasing of goods and services for the children. Our staff are present at the children’s enrollments, testing and purchasing of supplies. In this way we are committed together in our mission to help the children of Rainbow House.

Heart of Ruth Mission has made a sponsorship book that profiles all the children that live at Rainbow House to better assist people when wanting to sponsor a child.

There are plenty of eligible children at Rainbow House that are waiting for their chance to be sponsored. The students in University need sponsorship/partial sponsorship to help pay for rent, food and other living costs. 

All donations of $20 or more are provided with a tax deductible receipt. 

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

~ Nelson Mandela