Jambo from Krysta, Board Member for HoRM!

In April of 2022, Rebecca, her family and myself travel to Kenya to visit rainbow house. It was our 10 year anniversary for Heart of Ruth Mission. 9 years of my involvement and 8 years since my first trip. Since I hadn’t been able to go in a few years due to health issues of my own and COVID-19, the children had grown so much since I’d seen them last. Luckily this trip I was able to spend someone on one time with many of the children. Both Rebecca and I brought our 2 sponsor boys on Safari with us… It meant so much to be able to spend quality time with our boys who have grown into such fine men. We couldn’t be more proud of them. Myself along with 2 new volunteers, Taryn and Lucy, went on a full day lunch and shopping trip to Malindi with 8 of our beautiful teenage girls to buy new uniforms, clothes, and shoes. The girls are usually so quiet so it was truly incredible to spend that much time with them and get to know them individually. A coworker of mine sponsored a beach day for the kids… We got fruit and juice and got to spend the whole day on the beach having fun and playing games in the water and football on the sand. Later, Taryn and Lucy sponsored another beach day so we got to do it all over again. The last weekend of the month, Kristi arrived and we had our 10 year anniversary party… We had a feast of all kinds of food including chicken and chips and had a dance party all evening long!

I can’t wait until my next trip hopefully sooner rather then later.