2020 Volunteer Trip Highlights

In 2020 our volunteer trip’s focused on presence over presents. One of our board members, Emily, spent March along the coast of Kenya with our kids at Rainbow House Children’s Home. This trip was cut short due to COVID becoming a global pandemic. During Emily’s time with the kids, she was able to accomplish so much. So often visitors from around the world visit orphanages, give out candy, then leave and likely never come back. Heart of Ruth is a part of their lives that remains stable these past ten years. Emily spent her time with the kids at Rainbow as well as visiting their school and some family visits.

The kids have been taken to the beach with many volunteer groups, but this trip was extra special. Emily arranged for Nico, a yoga instructor from Watamu Tree House to join beach day. Nico held a 1hr yoga session for all the kids and staff. This was the first time the kids had done yoga and they were eager to learn about the benefits and practice at the beach. During the global pandemic, it was especially important to practice mindfulness, presence, and relaxation techniques. Emily was thrilled to be able to facilitate this day thanks to our incredible donors. Without your support this would not be possible. End result- THEY LOVED IT!!  The children’s responses: “That was a bit hard” “I really enjoyed it”, “I can see how it can take away stress”, “it uses a lot of muscles”. Presence > Presents.

Thanks to you, Emily was able to purchase swimming goggles for the kids and soccer balls for a ton of fun on beach day and beyond. Snack was mixed fruit such as fresh pineapple, banana, and watermelons (the kids don’t usually have fruit due to no funds for it in the food budget) as well as biscuits and juice. Their hearts were full of love, their smiles showed pure bliss, their bellies full of yummy treats and their minds full of gratefulness!

With funds raised through a GoFundMe we were able to provide all of the children/young adults living at Rainbow House Children’s Home brand new sandals for their bathroom/shower. This was much needed and appreciated by all! Thank you! Before Emily had to fly back to Canada due to boarders closing everyone was able to come together for one last big dinner and dance party, our favourite times. These kids really know how to dance. It was another great trip with lots of quality time and we couldn’t be more thankful for being in their lives. They’re the reason for Heart of Ruth Mission. Thank you for supporting us!

Heart of Ruth Mission